Crawl Space Restoration

Drying Solutions offers crawl space restoration services for your home.

When was the last time you were in your crawl space?  For many homeowners it could have been a very long time.

crawl entry

Did it look like this                            ...or maybe this?
ugly crawl 1  ugly crawl 2

Are your ducts secured off the ground?

Maybe you have leaks in your duct work, or are missing insulation?

bad duct 1  bad ducts 2
Do you know if you are spending money to cool or heat your crawl space?

Drying Solutions offers a variety of services such as clearing the debris from your crawl space and leveling the sand.
prepped crawl

We make repairs to duct work .
strapping1  replace insulation

We remove and replace damaged insulation.
Before:                                   After:

insulation before  replaced insulation after

Once the debris is removed and the repairs are made a new poly barrier is installed and secured in place.

poly 1  poly after 2

Let one of our trained technicians inspect and evaluate your crawlspace restoration needs.  Call today to schedule your free inspection.