Drying & Dehumidification : Case Reports

DSI Helps to Save Regional Phone Company Outages after Water Damage
Security staff on duty discovered water coming out of the ceilings on the 1st floor of this regional switching station. The source was a faulty A/C chiller valve on the 3rd floor. The water had run 8,000 - 10,000 SF on the 3rd and 2nd floors before reaching the 1st floor.

Much of the third floor housed computers and phone switching equipment for a major regional phone carrier. The cabling and power supply for this equipment ran under raised flooring.

The company quickly called in DSI.

The first areas where water evacuation and humidity control were established included:

  • Sensitive electronic systems
  • Supporting electrical cables
  • Data cabling network
An effective drying system for rapidly decreasing humidity and thus preventing outages was established within the first 12 hours and then managed daily by DSI Drying Specialists. On the fourth day, the majority of the 3rd floor was dry, and by the 6th day the structural drying was complete.

Daily moisture mapping and monitoring allowed the DSI team to make decisions and adjustments to rapidly dry structures and materials.

The system worked so well in controlling humidity in this older building that the systems manager continued renting equipment from DSI for over two months while new back up systems were installed.