Drying & Dehumidification : Drying Green

Put the POWER of Energy and Environment Savings to Work for You! Our goal is to provide GREEN solutions to drying and indoor air quality management that work for you and your portfolio.

Here's how the unique Drying Solutions experience supports you with LEED and BEEP initiatives:

  • Supports building sustainability using non-destructive drying techniques
  • Reduces carbon footprint by saving building materials instead of replacing them
  • Reduces energy consumption when drying by using high efficiency low voltage equipment to dry building materials and contents
  • Increases drying performance using the science of drying to more effectively manage drying projects
  • Cleans and filters air when water damages occur using HEPA filtered air scrubbers to reduce airborne pollutants
By committing to these and other "green" solutions we help you to drive ROI, keep tenants happy, properties at optimum operation while maintaining healthy indoor environments. We do this by providing the best resources to help building owners and managers to manage moisture problems, water intrusions, and indoor air quality.

For more information contact: Steve Kee
757-473-0560 or email stevek@dryingsolutionsinc.com