Indoor Air Quality : Case Reports

Public School Building/ Removal of Pigeon Feces
Drying Solutions Inc. was called in by a local school system to provide clean up and removal of pigeon droppings from roof top air handling units and vents. A large number of pigeons had been roosting and nesting on, next to, and in some cases inside vents presenting a potential health risk due to air contamination. The clean up included removing large amounts of bird droppings, and decaying carcass followed by treatments of impacted areas with antimicrobials.

T.A.C. Contractor for Thomas Nelson Community College
An emergency call was received on Friday afternoon from the Project Manager for TAC who needed to know if Drying Solutions could provide clean up for an environmental hazard AND could we have it done by Sunday? The building had been evacuated after several employees had gotten sick and had to be taken to area hospitals. Once the reports and sampling had been completed and initial clearance to enter the building was received, TNCC asked their contractor, T.A.C. to bring in an environmental clean up company to ensure a thorough decontamination cleaning was performed. The DSI IEP met with the Project Manager and a scope of work was determined based on sampling reports. Work began early Saturday morning with four crews deployed to HEPA vacuum and wipe all surfaces in the impacted areas of the building. Work was completed Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm and final clearance inspections passed on the initial examination. The T.A.C. supervisor on hand that day said he was impressed from the moment the DSI Team arrived.

ATC Assoc. Inc. / Environmental Contractor for Verizon Facility
Drying Solutions Incorporated was awarded this contract based on best price and qualifications. The work plan included setting up engineering controls, safety plans, remediating water and mold damaged materials, pipe insulation, ceiling tiles and drywall following protocol established by ATC Associates. The ventilation system was cleaned following NADCA guidelines. Clearance efficacy through visual inspection and air sampling was met upon project completion.