Inspections & Consulting

Our environmental and water damage professionals offer inspections and consulting for:
  • Inspection and assessment of mold contamination
  • Sampling and analysis of mold and microbial contamination
  • Indoor air quality surveys
  • Water intrusion assessment and evaluations
  • Construction and building material evaluations
  • Expert witness testimony
"My own business is extremely customer-focused. We set our own company's bar very high and so I pay close attention to the service provided us. The Drying Solutions team went above and beyond the call of duty, during a major crisis in our lives. They were professional, courteous, and technically proficient. I would recommend Drying Solutions to anyone!"

It was the week before school started in January when Hurricane Ernesto hit the area with torrential rains. The Klein family had been building an addition on their home. When they walked into the house after work, there was two inches of water, and rain pouring down their walls.

"I called Pete (Woodhead, Co-Founder of DSI) and within an hour, a crew was at our home despite torrential rains and horrendous traffic. The crew was incredibly polite and kind. They even took their shoes off in two inches of water. DSI explained what they were going to do, the timeframes for each step, and which equipment would be utilized," recalled Tonya.

"This team stayed with us until 11:00 that night, and returned in the morning. We received a personal call from Pete again to follow up on the service. The fans were in our house for 8 days. After the drying was complete, DSI checked for mold."

"I just have to say that I was very impressed throughout the entire process."
-Tonya Klein, resident of Virginia Beach