Project Support Services

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or responsible for controlling the budget, when it comes to equipment support, we bring you the same service and value you've come to expect from our full service projects. From air movers to air scrubbers, deodorizers to dehumidifiers, portable extractors to HEPA vacuums,  we can help you.

Our professional water loss specialists have state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Be assured that DSI's emergency response vehicles are equipped and prepared to respond within one hour to water damage events. Our equipment inventory is continuously updated to provide optimal drying results, which ultimately saves costly and time-consuming repairs. The drying equipment has been independently tested for maximum efficiency, and is serviced and maintained after each use.
  • Energy efficient high velocity fans: Gale force, max force, and Turbo fans
  • Dehumidifiers (Low grain refrigerant and desiccant)
  • Portable water extraction units
  • Specialized drying equipment for insulated walls, drywall, plaster, hardwood floors, concrete, ceilings, crawl spaces
  • Freeze drying equipment and chamber for valuable documents, books and photographs
  • Deodorization equipment including ozone generators and vapor shark restorators
  • Negative air machines and HEPA filtered air scrubbers