Water Damage : Case Reports.

Please note that we respect the confidentiality of our clients. As such, DSI does not always directly name our customers.

Local Children's Hospital
A local children's care center recently completed the addition of new surgical suites. The building engineer arrives at the facility to find water damage from a rooftop system flowing into the OR Recovery room and adjacent hallway. His phone call to DSI is quickly followed by the Director of Nursing who is also on the Infection Control Committee. These professionals knew that Rapid Response, Containment and Control were the keywords in this situation.

DSI's Senior Technician quickly coordinated with the building engineer and Director of Nursing in identifying and implementing critical actions, patient flow and cross contamination prevention methods-all in accordance with Drying Solutions' stringent protocols.

Bottom line - operations continued, damages minimized, infection control satisfied, Direct of Nursing satisfied, and the Building Engineer most satisfied that he called DSI.

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Naval Regional Medical Hospital
DSI received a call from LCDR Phillips to respond to water clean up and drying of structure following a fire on the 7th floor of the medical facility. DSI's emergency crew was dispatched and arrived onsite in less than one hour. Following a needs analysis and discussion of priority for the facility operations, drying services were begun. The affected areas involved the 7th through the 2nd floor. Command operations officers identified the 6th floor as urgent need and this area was addressed first. The elevators were down due to the fire, so all of the necessary equipment including dehumidifiers, collection barrels, and air movers had to be carried up the stairwells. The major portion of drying was completed in 1 - 2 days allowing rapid return to patient care. All affected areas were completely dried within six days.

Norfolk Southern Tower
Hurricane Isabel caused windows to be blown out of a corner office on the 19th floor of this office building. The 19th and 18th floors had wind driven rain which affected offices and hallways adjacent to, above and below the damaged corner window units. DSI received a call from the property manager at 9:00pm Thursday night and had a disaster response team and equipment on site by 8:00am the following morning. All affected areas were dried and operations resumed the following Monday with minimal residual water damage to walls or any carpet replacement. View PDF for more information.

Two Million Gallons of Water at Verizon Mega Center
In May 2006, Hampton Roads' Netcenter, which houses Verizon along with other major defense contractors, flooded when the main supply line burst - flooding almost the entire center from end to end. Drying Solutions received a call from the Verizon Facility Manager at 10:00 am on Sunday, Mother's Day. Our first emergency response team arrived on site in just under two hours with powerful extraction units and manpower to quickly stabilize the situation. Having worked with DSI previously, Verizon management were confident that the situation - although overwhelming with nearly 75% of their 60,000 SF 1st floor flooded - would be handled expertly.

As a Mega call center with 100's of work stations that would not generate revenue if down, the DSI drying team worked double shifts to set up, shut down, and set up again to allow uninterrupted business operation. By the following Friday, the majority of the drying was complete. Using non-destructive drying techniques, such as ventilating walls instead of cutting them out, DSI helped save Verizon costly expenses associated with temporary business relocation. Repair costs were drastically minimized.

Smithfield Public Schools
The head of maintenance at Hardy Elementary School in Isle of Wight County made a Monday morning phone call to Drying Solutions, asking for assistance. Over the weekend, the town had received over 10 inches of rain - overwhelming the roof drainage system and causing rain water to flow through vents into the cafeteria, which then ran through hallways, classrooms, the library, offices, and media center. A built up wooden stage in the cafeteria already had cupping of the wood floors. Although the water had been extracted, the Building Engineer quickly realized that action was needed immediately to dry out not only the flooring, but the walls and contents. DSI also helped bring down humidity levels to prevent mold growth.

Please be advised that while our clients are thrilled with our work performance, not all wish to be specifically named due to the confidential nature of their business. .