Water Damage : Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning goals:

  • Protect the substantial investment in floor coverings by extending their useful life.
  • Maintain a consistently high level of appearance in your facility.
  • Maintain the highest standards of indoor air quality by removing the airborne pollutants and biocontaminants that settle onto carpet.
THE DSI PROMISE: We complete each project with minimal disruption to your customers or to the workflow of your employees - GUARANTEED.

A Brief Explanation of Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Processes

Mechanical Pile Lifting
Ninety percent of the soil on a carpet is dry soil (sand, grit, leaves, paper shreds, food, etc.) and can be removed using a Mechanical Pile Lifter. This procedure removes the grit and soil that abrades carpet fibers and prematurely destroys your carpet. In addition, pile lifting just prior to steam extraction opens the pile and stands the yarns up so that the extraction can remove the maximum amount of dirt.

Steam Extraction
For both deep cleaning and superior results on heavily soiled or neglected carpets we use Steam Extraction (sometimes called "Corrective" or "Restorative" cleaning). Our process gently but thoroughly cleans the entire carpet fiber while doing no damage to the carpet backing or underlayment. Because the carpets we clean this way dry fast with very little residue from our cleaning agents, they stay fresh and clean longer.

Bonnet Cleaning
Bonnet Cleaning using a non-residual cleaning agent is an extremely effective way to maintain a high level of appearance on a carpet that is regularly maintained. Bonnet Cleaning resembles rotary shampooing in that a rotary machine with some modification is used. However, with Bonnet Cleaning, a highly absorbent double-faced bonnet is used together with a non-residual cleaning agent. The cleaning agent emulsifies the oily soils and lifts them onto the bonnet, leaving the cleaned carpet almost completely dry and ready for immediate use.

Rotary Extraction
Rotary Extraction combines the best cleaning qualities of both steam extraction and rotary shampooing. The machine we use for rotary extracting is called an RX 20. Although the RX 20 looks similar to a rotary floor machine, it is quite different. Rather than having a brush that agitates the carpet fibers, the RX 20 has five extraction heads that rotate in a circular motion to loosen, flush, and vacuum the soil from the carpet all in one motion. This machine allows us to maintain a consistently high water pressure and temperature for both outstanding cleaning results and fast drying.

Dry Cleaning
In addition to our carpet cleaning processes we also offer fine fabric care for upholstery, drapery, and office panel coverings.