Water Damage : 24 Hour Rapid Response Service

Water damage happens without regard to time of day or day of week. When pipes break, toilets back up, sprinkler heads go off or Mother Nature rains havoc, you need help NOW! By combining rapid response and non-destructive drying techniques with trained drying specialists, the unique DSI experience often results in money saved, fewer headaches, and faster return to normal.

Rapid response begins with our 24 hour live call system. By dialing either our toll free number (888) 2 DRY WET (888.237.9938) or dialing local (757) 473.0560, you can ask to be connected to a drying specialist who is on call, ready to respond to your needs and answer your questions.

Non-destructive drying means just that. Our goal is to rapidly dry the affected materials with a minimum of damages and disruption to your operations or home. The methods used and techniques employed will be determined by the drying specialist once an evaluation of the project and discussion of your needs and expectations are addressed.

The unique DSI experience is best defined by our customers  one of whom recently stated, I knew this was bad. In the past with similar water damages, I've had drywall cut out and carpet ripped up before I even had a chance to get to my property. This time, I was shown what was wet, presented with options and choices about what could be done and kept informed daily about the progress. At the end of just a few days my tenants were back in business and all I had to do was have my building engineer reattach the vinyl cove base they'd removed to dry the interior walls. No waiting for contractors, no mold, no headaches, and happy tenants!

DSI has Vortex trained, IICRC certified drying specialists ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to any call for help with water intrusions.
Our emergency services include:
  1. Water Extraction
  2. Drying
  3. Dehumidification
  4. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  5. Biohazard Removal
  6. Document Freeze-Drying

"Thanks for all the support we received during our emergency. The professionalism we received from the Drying Solutions Team exceeded all our expectations. From initial clean-up to the final drying report, you provided Sentara Norfolk General with the most comprehensive flood event abatement we have experienced. It's great having you on our team."

Eugene M. Gillispie
Manager Facility Services,
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

DSI utilizes a SWAT protocol in emergency situations:
  1. Safety Survey
    1. Electrical hazards
    2. Slip hazards
    3. Contamination
    4. Infection control
  2. Water Classification: categorize and classify the water loss
    1. Category I - clean water
    2. Category II - gray water
    3. Catergory III - black water
    4. Classes 1 - 4
  3. Action Required: Apply the four principles of drying
    1. Extraction
    2. Evaporation
    3. Dehumidification
    4. Temperature Control
  4. Tactical Response
    1. Rapid response team readiness
    2. Response tailored to facility and operational needs
    3. Driven to dry as rapidly as possible, minimizing damages and disruptions
    4. Attention to detail
    5. Monitor drying progress daily and document
    6. Mitigation per classifications